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PokerStars is the biggest and best online poker site out there, quite possibly bigger than the rest of the industry combined. PokerStars, like the rest of the online poker operations included in the Black Friday indictments has taken quite a hit last April, but unlike all the other affected operations, it managed to repay its US customers in full, settling the issue with the US DoJ. According to the latest rumors, PokerStars may end up acquiring and ultimately bailing out its biggest ex-rival, Full Tilt Poker, through a blockbuster deal which many in the industry worry would make PokerStars way too big for comfort. So what reasons would a regular online poker player have to join the giant?

First of all, the site offers an unbeatable selection of poker tournaments and cash games and an incredible traffic volume. Seven Card Stud players know what this means: at PokerStars, one gets as much or possibly even more action at the Seven Card Stud tables as he does at other sites, at the NL Holdem tables. Seven Card Stud is not even close to being the most exotic poker variant on offer at PokerStars and even much more exotic games get decent traffic there.

Another solid reason for joining: the Sunday Million. The Sunday Million is by far the most popular and richest weekly online poker guaranteed event, which has scores of high profile professional players flocking to it time and time again. The Sunday Million is only the tip of the iceberg guaranteed prize-pool-wise at PokerStars though. There are all sorts of other massive GTDs running through weekends, each and every one of them attracting a massive following.

On top of the regular weekly events, PokerStars host massive online series too, such as the SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) which is a lot like an online version of the WSOP, creating almost as much buzz and attracting almost as many players. Talking about the WSOP: it’s almost needless to say that PokerStars offer some of the best online qualifiers to the WSOP’s Main Event as well as to a selection of its side events.

What other reasons would there be to join? Zoom Poker maybe. Zoom Poker is the second coming of Full Tilt Poker’s acclaimed yet now defunct Rush Poker. Described by players as ‘poker on crack’ Zoom Poker has only recently been launched, yet it has already made waves in the online poker world. Opening up a whole new world of possibilities for players, Zoom Poker is a phenomenon which is currently quite unique in the industry. Those looking for an online poker overload can only play it at PokerStars.


What is there to be said about the PokerStars software? That it’s the best in the world? Certainly. With a massive team of in-house professional players working around the clock to continuously develop and improve the software, it would be a real surprise if it weren’t indeed the best. PokerStars’ software is currently the reference all competitors are looking up to. The site has recently launched a mobile app for Apple and Android devices, which is as functional and possibly much better looking than anything the competition can currently bring to the PC screens. A Mac-compatible version of the software has also been released not long ago.

Involved with the sponsoring of most high profile international poker tours, PokerStars is well represented in just about every market world-wide. The operation has made it its priority to acquire an operating license in every regulated market out there and thus far it’s been quite successful at it.